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MEET our Teachers

Our teachers are ready to help your children grow.

Lisa Siscar 2022.JPG

Lisa Siscar  -  Pre-K

Bridget Snyder 2022.JPG

Bridget Snyder  -  3's

Tanya Coler 2022.JPG

Tanya Coler  -  4/5's

Aimee Shaffer 2022.JPG

Aimee Shaffer  -  3's


Good to Know...

  • All of our teachers have been trained in Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards and have received specialized training in the areas of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science​.

  • Each teacher has an associates degree or higher and 10+ years of experience in Early Childhood Education​.

  • All are registered on the Ohio Professional Development Network for Early Childhood Professionals.

Contact us...

To schedule a visit, email or call the school with your contact information. Our director is teaching during the mornings and will call you at her earliest convenience.

Preschool Email



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