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About Us

Since 1816, Methodist have been gathering for worship in Wadsworth. For over 200 years, the Wadsworth United Methodist Church has invited others to experience the love of God and become disciples of Jesus Christ. We seek to equip all people to be agents of God’s reconciling love, and send them out as servants of Christ to participate in God’s transformation of the world. We seek to transform lives, create Christian community and empower our members to grow into the purpose for which God created and gifted them.


We are a diverse body of believers united in our core beliefs and values. We are Christ-centered and  focused on the life and teachings of Jesus as proclaimed in the Gospels. We hold all Scripture - both Old and New Testaments - as essential for faith and practice. 


We are a warm-hearted, joyful, loving, congregation, which experiences the grace of God in Jesus Christ in personal and positive ways through caring for one another. We are a praying church that understands prayer as a natural expression of our love and dependence on God.  Service to God and others through a strong sense of mission is a vital part of our identity, both in mission to our community and the world. We are a connectional church, committed to the global ministries of the United Methodist Church.


Our church offers a wide range of programs and services designed to share God’s love with our members, our community and our world beginning with our Sunday services, which embrace both traditional and contemporary styles.  Members are also actively involved in many small group activities including Bible study, missions and outreach, care and support ministries, hospitality, as well as dynamic children’s, youth and senior’s programs.   

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God and others

To GROW in

grace and love


like Jesus

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