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About Hyun-Suk.


Making a difference...

"Church is all about people.  God decided that people are worth dying for.  Why?  The reason is simple; we belong to Him. So, He gave His one and only Son to die for us. As we begin to see people through God's eyes, we will know that people are worth loving and serving.  This is why we gather as a church.  It is my goal to create a safe and nurturing worship environment every Sunday for people of all ages and from all walks of life. This is the vision and passion I have for our church."

Pastor Kim & Family Oct 22 2023.jpg

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor and Master degrees from Methodist Theological Semimary in Seoul, Korea

  • Further divinity degrees from Asbury Theological Seminary and Wesley Theological Seminary.

  • Entered pastoral ministry in 1997

  • Served in the United Methodist Church since 2003 and at Wadsworth UMC since 2023.

Things he enjoys...

  • hiking

  • playing tennis and pingpong

  • watching the Green Bay Packers win

  • singing and playing the guitar


Pastor Kim and his wife, Hae-In, have four adult children...daughters Tess and Christina, and sons Eloy and Elliott. They are a musical family and enjoy jam sessions together.

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